Underbelly Goes “Off the Wall”

Monday, April 14, 2014

Chef Chris Shepherd -chef/owner of Underbelly. (Image: Julie Soefer Photography)

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of local chef Chris Shepherd and his work at Underbelly. And now, we are even more excited to learn about the restaurant’s “Off the Wall” dinners. If you haven’t tried Underbelly yet, this might just be the perfect opportunity.

The people and places around the city that inspire Shepherd. (Image: Julie Soefer Photography)

Building on the restaurant’s mission to tell the story of Houston food, Shepherd recently launched a series of special dinners at Underbelly featuring many of the local chefs who have inspired him along the way. In fact, many of these guests are featured prominently on a special inspiration wall (shown above) in the restaurant, with the hopes of encouraging customers to visit at least one of those locations before returning to Underbelly. But in addition to this literal meaning of “Off the Wall,” the series is also characterized by interesting and innovative set menus that stem from a collaborative cross-pollination between Shepherd and his respective guests.

Underbelly dining room (Image: Julie Soefer Photography)

The next “Off the Wall” dinner will take place on May 18th, and will feature local fish expert PJ Stoops, renowned sommelier Antonio Gianola, and the chefs behind Asia Market. Shepherd explains, “Asia Market is one of my favorite Thai restaurants in the city. Before I opened Underbelly, I spent a week in the kitchen learning from the ladies at Asia Market, and I’ve put so many dishes on the menu inspired by what I learned there. PJ’s knowledge of Thai cuisine and his ability to find and teach me about Thai ingredients make him a perfect fit for this dinner.”

Visit Underbelly’s website to secure your seats or to learn more about the “Off the Wall” dinner series. Also, be sure to keep an eye out during the upcoming James Beard awards to see Chris Shepherd steal the show in his custom suit and Hamilton shirt!

Image credits: Julie Soefer Photography

Studio Sounds: The Wind + The Wave

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

You could say that Dwight Baker and Patricia Lynn met at a crossroads. Despite building successful careers in music, both singer/songwriters became gradually less fulfilled with their work. Writing had become labored – forced even. They were both holding back, riding on projects they grew to resent.


It’s hard to tell whether it was a breaking point or light at the end of the tunnel that brought Baker and Lynn together to form a new project: The Wind & The Wave. Drawing life lessons from the previous projects they left behind, the musicians now devote themselves entirely to genuine songwriting. As Lynn explains, “I really feel that when you truly tap into your experiences and let those feelings out, so many more people connect with it.”

As such, their aptly titled debut album From the Wreckage is not so much a beginning for Lynn and Baker, but more of a return to an honest take on songwriting. Stemming mostly from personal experiences, their lyrics are raw and emotive, without being off-putting. All in all, they are definitely a new favorite! Check out the video above, which speaks to The Wind & The Wave’s beginning, their process, and a taste of what’s to come when they release their debut album.

The Toadies x Martin House Brewing Co. – “Rubberneck Red”

Monday, March 24, 2014

There are certain pairings in life that are inherently magical—good music and great beer being one of the best. And thanks to some folks in Fort Worth, this pairing just got even better.

Texas rock band "The Toadies"

Texas rock band “The Toadies”

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album, Texas rock band The Toadies partnered up with the masters at Martin House Brewing Co. for a different kind of new release. After a year of testing and tweaking, the band and brew house just unveiled a collaborative limited edition beer, aptly named Rubberneck Red.

Rubberneck Red label (artwork inspired by the original "Rubberneck" album art on the 1994 release)

Rubberneck Red label (artwork inspired by the original “Rubberneck” album art on the 1994 release)

Members of the Toadies taking part in the brewing process

Members of the Toadies taking part in the brewing process

The beer itself is a red ale crafted from caramel and Munich malts, giving it a distinct flavor underneath a serious dose of American hops. But all tasting notes aside, the beer arrived just in time to kick off the band’s much anticipated Rubberneck national tour, featuring six shows around Texas (including a night at the House of Blues here in Houston).

For information about tour dates, be sure to visit the Toadies official website. Rubberneck Red will be available exclusively throughout Texas beginning in April.

Men of Many Shirts – The Wall Street Journal 3/13/14

Friday, March 14, 2014

How many shirts do you own? How many is too many? Ray A. Smith of The Wall Street Journal uncovers a well kept sartorial secret – you can never own enough shirts. If you missed the print version of the article – a link to the online version at WSJ.com can currently be found here.

WSJ CoverWSJ March 13 page 1 WSJ March 13 page 2

Jeff Talman’s “Moments from the Sun” Installation at The Rothko Chapel

Thursday, March 13, 2014

As Houstonians, it’s easy to lose sight of how special the Rothko Chapel is – not only for it’s gravity in the art world, but also its presence in our community as a whole. It attracts over 60,000 visitors a year from around the globe, including a small handful of artists and performers lucky enough to receive invitations to share their work in the space.


On that note, you may want to mark your calendars for the upcoming “Moments from the Sun” exhibit, which will take place a week from today on the vernal equinox (March 20th). For one day only, the Rothko Chapel will host an incredibly special installation by sound artist Jeff Talman in collaboration with NASA astrophysicist Dr. Daniel Huber. Being primarily interested in sound frequencies that lie beyond the scope of human hearing, Talman focused his attention to the ‘sounds’ produced by stars. Alongside Dr. Huber, the artist was able to isolate and analyze the harmonic frequencies produced by our Sun as it continually combusts. What’s even more impressive is that the duo is able to bring these sounds to life in during interactive installation.


It’s worth mentioning that the exhibition is also site-specific. Every interior space has a particular acoustic resonance depending on it’s size, location, and a combination of other factors. Taking this into account, Talman’s installation is sonically scaled to match the unique resonance of the Rothko Chapel itself, making for an incredibly harmonic and meditative experience.

The installation will play four times throughout the day on March 20: 7:26A (sunrise), 12P, 5P, and 7P with a reception to follow. Seating is free – as always – and is first come, first served. Visit the Rothko Chapel website for more information.

Uni Watch – The Obsessive Study of Athletic Aesthetics

Friday, March 7, 2014

Will Rogers famous quote “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression” most definitely applies to sports and sports uniforms. Clothing can be a powerful tool and how we dress directly effects our treatment is the absolute truth. From fabrics, colors, patterns to number and letter fonts, the uniforms worn need to immediately instill confidence in the wearer and impart fear in opponents.

If examining these ideas further appeals to you, David Hamilton pointed out to me a fascinating “obsessive & excruciating” (their description) website called Uni Watch that takes a look at current day sport uniforms. From Adidas new contribution’s to March Madness all the way to Olympic figure skater costumes…check out the informative and opinionated site here.


Pick for Spring 14 – Benjamin Liong Setiawan

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In the online spring issue of Heaven Has Heels, contributing editor (and editor of hungryeditor.com) Benjamin Liong Setiawan, mentions his choice for a must have item for spring/summer. He picked out our navy plaid linen and mentions some smart tips on how to wear it. Thanks, Ben!


Navy linen

The Spring Style Matrix – Men’s Health 3/14

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Its not very often when Hamilton Shirts falls on the wilder side of the style spectrum — but for spring we have some shirts that fall somewhere between ‘enduring’ & ‘wilder’. We like it!

Its good to get a little crazy once in while..in fact, while we’re at it…we’ll take a pair of those winged Jeremy Scott for Adidas sneakers in size 8.5! Thanks!

Men's Health March 14 clip

Close up shots of the Hamilton 1883 shirt featured here:

Dot Check 14S-22-2_390_464


Why We Dress Now – Esquire March ’14

Monday, February 24, 2014

Clothes can have meaning and tell a strong story. They can clinch a job interview, make first impressions count, land you a second date. Esquire understands all this and puts together a story in their March issue that talks about “advantages and opportunities of dressing with purpose, drive, and something that sometimes resembles passion.” Featuring a bespoke classic white Hamilton Shirt on restaurateur and hotelier Andrew Tarlow to state the case:

Esquire March 14 clip

Where Houston Gents Should Be Shopping Now – Localeur

Saturday, February 22, 2014

“Art Guy Around Town” Jarrod Klawinsky reports into “Localeur” about the best places for guys to shop in Houston right now. His top pick? Hamilton Shirts, of course!

HS Houston Store

“1883 was a red-letter year in the history of American business. It was the year the Brooklyn Bridge opened, Thomas Edison unveiled his light bulb, and the Hamilton family launched their bespoke shirt company. Four generations later, it continues to be a family-run business whose label is synonymous with hand-crafted and finely tailored shirts. Of course, you could travel to Savile Row in London or sell a kidney to have a some buttons sewn on fabric at Charvet in Paris, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better shirtmaker in the states than Hamilton. They have off-the-rack (ready-to-wear), of course, but those in the know have shirts custom made. Walking in for the first time can be daunting as they hand you books of fabrics and show you different collars and cuff styles, but Hamilton’s superb customer service and attention to detail will leave feeling like you’re the Prince of Wales.”